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    2 Positive Covid-19 Cases in Iskele .. One is a traffic police officer

    The increase in local cases in the country continues …

    After two local positive cases detected in the Yenierenköy region yesterday, it was learned that 2 new local positive cases were encountered in the İskele region today.

    One of the cases is a police officer working in the Traffic Branch of the Iskele Police Department.

    The Covid-19 Positive Police officer working at Iskele lives in Gazimagosa …

    It was also learned that the police officer partner works at a market in Gazimagosa.

    After the test result of the said police was positive, it was learned that all police officers working in the precautionary directorate were tested.


    a foreign-linked person living on a site in Iskele was positive.

    According to the information obtained, contact follow-up teams affiliated to the Ministry of Health continue their contact follow-up studies on both cases.


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