(+18) Bollywood Biggest Adult Movies Seen Which Got Banned In India | Venus India Presents


(+18) Bollywood Biggest Adult Movies Which Got Banned In India | Venus India Presents.

If news is to be believed, the first movie comes in ‘Comics Sex’ (Hot Bollywood Adult Movie). The censor board has stopped the film because the film is based on the sex relationship. There are so many intimate scenes in the film that it can not be seen sitting in the family. This film was directed by ‘Venus India Presents’.

Every Bollywood film has a different kind of spice and flavour. Whether it is action, drama, comedy or just divine romance, these films get released on Fridays with the very hope of performing well on the box office. However, every Bollywood film has to go through the big daddy aka censor board for the green signal to get released. But when this big daddy is upset, he makes sure the kids suffer, in other words, there are some adult films which are so worth watching but get banned nevertheless.

The reasons could range from nudity, bold backdrops, intimate scenes, gay relationships or even bold dialogues. Here’s a list of 4 such Hot Bollywood adult movies which got banned but available on YouTube.